Valencia Chan

Valencia has owned and operated Angel Light Books & Gifts since 1989, and teaches classes on topics such as Crystals, Astrology, Tarot and Feng Shui. Valencia combines her metaphysical knowledge, claircognizance and her ability to raise one’s vibrational frequency in her sessions.

Astrology Consultation: Your astrological chart is the blueprint to your soul. See what your chart says about you. Please send me an email of your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, birth date, place, and time.  $260

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Tarot & Tea: Enjoy a cup of tea as Valencia shares insight on your tarot spread. Session includes a 3 crystal divination where the client can keep the stones afterwards. 30 min reading $65 

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Crystal Divination: Crystals are living consciousness. They have a way of finding you if they can be of assistance. For the Crystal Divination, you are asked to pick 10 crystals from a velvet pouch and cast them onto a horoscope wheel. The horoscope wheel contains 12 houses corresponding to the different areas of your life, i.e. career, relationships, money…
See what crystals show up and what messages they have for you. Keep the crystals after the session to continue to work with their energy.
Consultation includes 10 crystals, a pouch and information. $130

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Available most time @ Angel Light Books & Gifts. Please call (510) 985-1600 or email to schedule an appointment.


Readings will be held @ Angel Light Books & Gifts 3347 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703

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