Ann Savino

0.jpgAnn Savino is a psychic medium. She has almost 30 years of experience in doing readings and healings. In mediumship readings she communicates with your loved ones in spirit sharing messages that can be deeply validating and supportive. Ann also does psychic readings by reading your aura. She can focus on any area of your life to give you intuitive insight into what you are going through. Her healing work focuses on rebalancing the chakra and energy channels. Ann’s intention is to help you connect to a place within where you feel whole and empowered.

Services offered:

  • Mediumship Readings
  • Aura Readings
  • Relationship Readings
  • Business and Money Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Spirit Guide Readings
  • Astral Body Readings
  • Animal Communication Readings
  • Energy Healings.

To schedule for an appointment please email

For a 15 min reading $35, 30 min reading $65, 60 min reading $130. To pay for an appointment, you need to make 2 transactions. 80% to the consultant and 20% to Angel Light.

15 Minute Reading 30 Minute Reading 60 Minute Reading
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